3 for 2 sitewide. Mix & match.
Desirable Backless & Sticky Bras | Sizes A to J

Luxury Sticky Bras

3 for 2 sitewide. Mix & match

 2 A - H
Luxury Sticky Bras

Anna - Luxury Classic Sticky Bra

Anna is our super popular luxury lightweight adhesive bra in beige. Reusable dozens of times using our patented skin-friendly adhesive. Center clasp. Comes boxed with instructions. Available in sizes A to G.
Luxury Sticky Bras

Mae - Luxury Classic Black Sticky Bra

Mae is our luxury classic sticky bra in black. Reusable, skin-friendly adhesive. Wear your favourite strapless garments with confidence. Super popular. Comes boxed with instructions. Available in sizes A to G.
 2 A - G
Luxury Sticky Bras

Laila - Luxury White Sticky Bra

Laila is our luxury lightweight classic sticky bra in white. Resuable, skin-friendly adhesive backing allows this bra to be worn dozens of times. Popular choice of bra for the bridal market. Comes boxed with instructions. Available in A to G.

Ranging from A to J, gorgeous Sticky bras is what we do best. Designed and tested in house, we now proud to be one of Canada's market leaders for adhesive bras.

All of our sticky bras come with reusable, skin-friendly super strong adhesive. This will allow you to wear your Bralux bra with confidence time and time again.

Types of cups
Our adhesive backless bra collection has many styles of bra to suit people of all shapes and styles. Here's an explanation of the different types of bra we have:
  • 1) Lightweight - a lightweight cup. You'll barely notice it's there.
  • 2) Ultraboost™ - Our patented voluminous cup. These will give the impression you've gone up a cup size but will look completely natural.
  • 3) Push Up - Usually found in our pull string collection of sticky bras. These have padded lift up cups to increase the perkiness of your breasts.
  • 4) Silicone - Lifelike silicone gel that moulds to your skin. These give a natural looking boost to your cleavage.
How to put on your sticky bra
  • Clean Your Skin - gently wash your breast area with mild soap and water to remove any oil and residue from your skin

  • Application - When you're ready to apply your Bralux bra, stand in front of a mirror and hold the bra out infront of you. Peel back the hygiene strip, flip the cup inside out and prepare to place on your skin. Careful press on your adhesive bra until it is in place.

  • Connect the front closure of drawstring - When you feel your sticky bra is in place simply connect the center clasp or if your bra is a pull string bra, begin to pull the drawstring down until you have found your perfect cleavage